Villa San Javier

El Cajon, CA

Villa San Javier is a beautiful home with panoramic views. It boasts a lush landscaped front and backyard where you can enjoy BBQ's year round with amazing sunsets. The home sits on a 1- acre lot located in the desirable Shadow Mountain Community overlooking the Cajon Valley. Villa San Javier is a single story, 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2,600 Sq Ft home with an open floor plan and has plenty of storage and spacious bedrooms.

Villa San Javier is located in El Cajon, Ca a city in San Diego County, just 15 miles due east of San Diego and is the fifth largest of 18 cities in San Diego County. Nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains, the city has acquired the nickname of "The Big Box".‪ Its name originated similarly, from the Spanish phrase "el cajón", which means "the box" or "the drawer."‬‬
El Cajon boasts with 17 local parks, 6 recreation centers, 2 libraries, and 2 local hospitals.

Villa San Javier is a level 4i + Negotiated Rate, Community Placement Plan (CPP) home, funded by San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) through the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) as one of the strategies to develop new and innovative service model homes as an alternative for individuals with developmental disabilities to reside in the community instead of institutional settings.
The services delivered at the VSJ level of care are tailored for individual whom may have moderate to severe cognitive challenges and a history of severe behavioral challenges, which may include all or some of the following: verbal aggression, significant physical aggression, property destruction, self-abuse, resistive behaviors, inappropriate sexual behavior, impulsivity, hyperactivity, inappropriate urination and elopement. These behaviors may have resulted in injury to self or others. The individuals may have a psychiatric diagnosis and may at times require intensive staffing due to high frequency of behaviors or posing a significant safety risk. They may require periodic psychiatric hospitalizations due to mental health issues and will need ongoing psychological and psychiatric consultation. Some individuals may have complex health needs requiring nursing consultation.
Villa San Javier was developed through the "Buy It Once" model in collaboration with the San Diego Regional Center and Brilliant Corners, a non-profit housing development organization (NPO). In this model, the NPO owns the property for the restricted use by SDRC clients. To ensure that homes developed through the CPP model are only available for use by SDRC clients, real estate deed restrictions or restrictive covenants are applied to the home.
Villa San Javier is a Community Care Facilities (CCF) which is licensed by the Community Care Licensing Division of the State Department of Social Services to provide 24-hour non-medical residential care to adults with developmental disabilities who are in need of personal services, supervision, and/or assistance essential for self-protection or sustaining the activities of daily living. Based upon the types of services provided and the each individual served, the CCF is vendored by SDRC and is designated one of the following service levels:


Limited care and supervision for persons with self-care skills and no behavior problems.


Care, supervision, and incidental training for persons with some self-care skills and no major behavior problems.


Care, supervision, and ongoing training for persons with significant deficits in self-help skills, and/or some limitations in physical coordination and mobility, and/or disruptive or self-injurious behavior.


Care, supervision, and professionally supervised training for persons with deficits in self-help skills, and/or severe impairment in physical coordination and mobility, and/or severely disruptive or self-injurious behavior. Service Level 4 is subdivided into Levels 4a through 4i, in which staffing levels are increased to correspond to the escalating severity of disability levels.

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