Operating a CPP Home

The provider must have a minimum of 3 years experience in providing residential care to persons with developmental disabilities, and preferably 2 years as administrator/owner of a residential facility, with higher priority given to those who have worked with people who have significant behavior challenges, psychiatric disorders and medical needs. The provider should have experience with assisting individuals through crises. Staff will have training in crisis prevention/intervention. The provider of the CPP home needs to show a commitment to working with families of clients who may be reluctant to allow the individual to move to a licensed facility in the community. Identification and preparation of the resident to move into the facility will involve the provider making multiple trips to the individual’s current living situation. The CPP program design includes health maintenance services of a primary medical practitioner, psychiatrist (as appropriate), nursing consultation, nutritional consultation, physical and/or occupational consultation (as appropriate). The provider shall provide a strong behavioral component to address the above-indicated behaviors. The provider must Secure an experienced behavioral consultant to meet the needs of the clients. Staffing for ongoing programming should be at least that required in a level 4I facility and should be increased as recommended based on the resident’s designated for the home. Providers may be required to provide transportation to and from residents’ day program as an additional component to the residential service. The property will have a large yard with ample space for physical activity. The property should also have a large distance between the home and neighbors due to some individuals who may be extremely loud. The home may need to have delayed egress with door alarms.
Providers must be in good standing with all licensing agencies.

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