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Thanks for visiting our testimonial page. Here is a selection of what family say about Rienda Services, the service we provide and quality of support that they receive.

Laurel Weber

To Whom It May Concern,

I was introduced to Rich Enriquez of Rienda Service’s in late 2013. At that time, my brother Matthew had been a resident of Lanterman Developmental Center for over 27 years and I was beside myself with worry and concern over his placement in the community due to Lanterman’s closure.
Everything was changing, including the fact that he would now be served by San Diego Regional Center because San Diego is where I now reside and I wanted him to be close by. I began my research as soon as it was determined that Lanterman would definitely close, that was about 2011. I spoke with board members of the Parents Coordinating

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Maria Elena Vargas


You have a wonderful facility and staff. I am thankful my son moved to your home. When he first moved from Lanterman Developmental Center to your home last year, I did not know you very well and had my doubts and insecurities. I was unsure if you and your staff were going to be able to manage my son’s behaviors, which lead him to the admitted to various developmental centers early on. Over the past year, you have gone through some tough times, but you proven you have the ability to manage my son’s behaviors, and won my trust, but more so, my respect for not giving up on him. I know my son, and I know he is happy at Villa San Francisco.

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